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Nika Noire, Vin Deacon

Nika Noire answers an ad for help in a nightclub. It doesn't take the manager long to proposition Nika to give him a blowjob. This scum back has no idea who he's dealing with, Nika wrestles him to the ground, ties him to an old bed frame and flogs him mercilessly. Propped up, Nika orders her wormboy to get hard and to fuck her from behind. But vin doesn't do a good job at pumping, so he is placed on his back and Nika uses him as a sex slave, smothering him with her wet cunt and ordering him to lick her ass. The punishment continues and vin is bound in metal bondage. Nika dons her big strapon and fucks vin's ass hard before milking his cock.
Very hot!! She is very pretty and I love the long nails, very sexy... Love the way she made him lick his cum of her hands! Nice job

-- cosmo629


Rico, Harmony

Harmony isn't messing around when she wants a hard cock. rico is challenged both sexually and physically in this intense femdom scene where he must accept he is nothing more than a bitchboy at the mercy of a sexually sadistic Mistress. In tight rope, Harmony uses rico's tongue and cock to please her hungry pussy. She denies him orgasm and fucks his ass hard from behind. rico is trampled, flogged and verbally berated but in a suspension he proves himself worthy of pain-slut status when he takes a brutal caning. Harmony milks her slave, taking his cum in her mouth and then snowballing it to him as a final act of humiliation.
I was lucky enough to have seen a lot of Harmony's work on other sites around the web and whatever her role is she is always "into" it and extremely HOT (damn I love her enthusiasm). I would have to say that I like her best in these dom roles, but to each his own. Harmony excellent as always

-- parkerbros


Daniel, Bobbi Starr

Bobbi Starr is an expensive hooker, she's used to be taken to nice places by her johns. daniel on the other hand takes her to a ratty hotel after claiming he was taking her to the Four Seasons. Who does this idiot think he's fooling? Bobbi ties the worm up tight, pushes him down to his knees, and begins working him over with her flogger. And so the lesson begins. daniel is taught that he stay hard at all times; that he must be able to satisfy Bobbi Starr with as many orgasms as she demands; and that he must always show thankfulness for whatever She dishes out.
I love watching Bobbie Star in action. She is wonderful, sexy and in complete control. I also love that she keeps her heels on when she is fucking. I don't know why but that makes it more exciting.

-- richard

Maitresse Madeline and the boy

Lexi Belle, Les Moore

When Lexi arrives at the school she will begin teaching at she is greeted by an arrogant principal that says he does not think she could handle the class. Miss Belle wastes no time in stripping him, tying him to a student's chair and showing him just who is in charge here. les' back and chest are whipped until red. his ball gag is only removed from his mouth so he may worship Miss Belle's pussy and ass. his balls are separated with twine and weights are hung from his manhood. Miss Belle demands a hard cock and uses this tied down slut for her pleasure. With a big black cock in his ass she takes pity on the bitch boy and milks the cum out of his cock before leaving him for the students to find, bound naked and with a gaping asshole.
VERY HOT!!!!!!!!

-- COSMO629


Vin Deacon, Penny Flame

Penny Play lures her handyman down into her dungeon. It takes her no time to get vin deacon to agree to try some kinky S&M play. When he's tied up he begins to doubt the sanity of his choice. Indeed he is quickly stripped, subjected to some mean flogging, and subjected to verbal abuse. Penny drills home the rules vin needs to follow in order to please her. She uses and abuses his body for her pleasure, switching from his face to his bound cock and balls. Having taken her satisfaction, it's her turn to go to work on her bitchboy. vin is fucked in the ass with a mean strapon cock, now he can go back to being a handyman.
I liked this shoot - Penny has the most devious, in control, evil look. I am sure it scares the heck out of the subs. The lighting in this scene was amazing - look at the still photos - they capture some of the best domination pics I have seen. Impressive. Penny was briliantly evil and has breasts to die for. Vin was good - his erection helped energize the scene. It is good to see some simple settings mixed in with the more elaborate. This scene worked for me. I thought it was steamy. Nicely done.

-- Serina


Harmony, Chad Rock

chad rock is confident Mistress Harmony will be satisfied with him as a slaveboy. But he doesn't know what it really takes to satisfy Mistress Harmony. She demands her bitchboys be pain sluts and sex slaves, and if she's not satisfied with their performance, she will become sadistic and cruel in no time. chad is immediately placed into submission with his balls pried apart with twine, and he is brutally flogged all over. Harmony orders him to worship her ass, crawl on all fours, and keep his cock hard all the while. Then he's ridden and smothered by his Mistress. Finally, Harmony takes chad's ass with her big strapon cock and milks him while being fucked.
Love the shot of his balls turning color and him being butt-fucked

-- doormat


Lexi Belle, Amber Rayne and Wild Bill

prof. bill is acting strange in class, at one point he starts groping one of his students and he even drops his pants. At this point Amber Rayne and Lexi Belle take charge, they force him against his desk, strip him down, and start spanking and humiliating him. They tie him tightly and hang heavy weights from his testicles. Amber pleasures herself by smothering bill with her snatch. Lexi Belle does the same, and they both ride his dick. But if bill thinks this is going to be all pleasure, he can think again. Once the ladies have satisfied themselves sexually, they bend their bitch over, Amber Rayne dons her strapon cock and goes to work on his ass, fucking him deep and viciously while Lexi Belle forces bill to lick her wet pussy.
Wow111 Some of the best chemistry ever.

-- Madgrad

Beautiful Bobbi Starr takes Jack for a ride

Nika Noire, Rico

Nika Noire puts her bitch rico to an extreme test, dishing out intense pain in bondage. rico first receives an intense and prolonged flogging, slapping and CBT, then he's told he'll need to get his cock hard and keep it hard for Nika's pleasure. his ass is shocked with an electrified butt plug before he's placed in suspension bondage to receive a severe caning and ass-fucking. Finally rico is allowed to cum as Nika pounds his ass as she milks him.
This girl loves her work!

-- Madgrad

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